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Good work

Learn step by step to less stressed life.

One of the great ways today when it comes to working on mobility and the possibility of working in office format at home or anywhere. However, we must pay attention to the permanent connection. Knowing that there is no turning back, how can we live in this manner and still maintain our sanity, tranquility and positive choices on the path we want to take in life. How can we develop our daily routine.

In this book Life Blog Creator will show you:
• The basics of activity planning.
• How to Find Focus When Everything Else Watches
• What are goals and projects and how are they organized?
• Practical tips and techniques to help streamline your work as you go.
• The importance of building a daily routine to keep work calm.
• Powerful tools and resources can help you organize your work.

The house should serve us no other way!

This book comes to the elimination of the idea that it is necessary to invest a long time in the home to organize.

Godinho says that the organization of the house does not have to be – or should be – a tiring job. Are you too disappointed to see your lost time in the storage room disappearing soon? Have your house become a mess for a short time after you put everything in place? Here you will find that arranging a home is making the right place for you. Change the place where you live in paradise to enjoy the day and make you feel like coming back. Here, you can see that the expectations of the home can be adjusted according to your lifestyle without leaving your satisfaction in the face.

After reading this book, you can be sure that you can organize your home even with full appointments and no hiring help.

– Learn to keep your home organized through simple everyday life.
– Create an organization’s system where everyone is involved.
– Learn how to integrate home care with work and study.
– Have every home you dream of.

A diary, a diary, and a to-do list that make a fever are people who want to organize their lives in an interesting and creative way.

Also known as the Dot Journal and the Bullet Journal, all the things you think are important, such as appointments, events, ideas, goals, and anything else you want.

You can write about all aspects of your life such as work, relationships, health, finance and recreation. The idea is to use short sentences to find your notes easily.

Here you will find the basic concepts of organization in the topic as well as photographs showing many different ways. However, there are no rules: your diary may be simple and objective, or be artistic and elaborate with calligraphy, paintings and stickers, etc.

Learn how to take advantage of the unlimited possibilities of this technique:

Create shopping lists, to-do lists, movies and series to see what you’re thankful for, checklists, trips, and more.

• Collect special pages to plan your day, week, month and year.

Develop a schedule to follow the habits and check health, emotions, emotions, money, etc.

• Use symbols to make your notes more effective.

• Know accessories such as wax tapes and pens, and the best markers to decorate your diary.

Keeping track of what’s going on in your life is not just a trick.
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